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Solar & Renewable Energy

Our work is supporting all scales of ground-mounted solar arrays and renewable energy projects with our low-carbon, low-impact screw pile foundations providing secure anchoring in remote and off-grid locations.

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Screw Pile Foundations
Supporting ground-mounted solar arrays on low-carbon foundations

RADIX Screw Piles are engineered to support significant loads and vertical uplift and horizontal forces, making them the ideal solution for solar foundations, even in the most remote, wind-exposed areas.

  • Install all year round and in any weather, avoiding costly delays
  • Install in hard-to-access and off-grid areas, over sloping and uneven ground
  • Install without digging up or damaging natural habitats

Explore our range of screw piles for the solar and renewable energy sector:

Professional Screw Piles

Extendable Screw Piles

Testing Screw Piles for Solar Foundations v1a

Testing & Installation
Securing your solar investment firmly to the ground.

RADIX offers a complete in-house service, so your projects run as smoothly as possible.

Our dedicated install teams plan, survey and install solar foundations of all scales across the UK, designing each layout based on project requirements and considering site location, topography and prevailing wind direction, all impacting the uplift forces your solar array will experience.

We can also supply and install one of our robust solar racking systems, further streamlining your project so you can be confident you get the right foundations for even the most time-critical projects.

Solar Foundations on Screw Piles v1a Solar Racking System on Screw Piles v1a

Solar Racking Systems
A turnkey solution for solar foundations

At RADIX, our expert teams can also supply and install one of our innovative solar racking systems, offering a truly turnkey solution for your solar foundations.

The RADIX SolarTerrace is a pre-assembled aluminium ground mount system that supports small and large-scale domestic and commercial solar arrays. Using high-quality engineered components, the RADIX SolarTerrace is designed for convenience and quick installation with precision, significantly saving time and cost throughout large-scale projects.

View RADIX SolarTerrace

The RADIX SolarTripod is a single-panel racking system that allows you to utilise small and hard-to-access areas while maximising the potential use of space with portrait-orientated PV modules. Equipped with adjustable supports and rails, your solar array can be positioned precisely with tilt angles between 15 and 30 degrees.

View RADIX SolarTripod