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Support your garden room builds on sustainable foundations

Our environmentally-friendly ground screws are supporting countless garden projects across the UK, from relaxing garden rooms and hot tubs to creative garden studios and home offices.

Unlike concrete, ground screws can be installed in all weather, any time of the year, and are ready to build on immediately without digging, damage or delay.

Whether you are looking for a trusted installation partner or to install yourself, bring your garden projects to life on RADIX Ground Screws and avoid the mess and hassle of concrete.

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Efficient, low-carbon foundations
Save time on your garden project with ground screws

RADIX Ground Screws create a strong and level base for garden rooms of all sizes, installed 70% faster than concrete and with minimal damage to garden spaces and our environment.

If you’re still building on concrete and unsure about changing, keep in mind the environmental and time-saving benefits of ground screws.

  • Start building 70% faster than on concrete
  • Access enclosed gardens and open up hard-to-access locations
  • Build over areas of sloping, uneven ground without heavy excavations
  • Avoid costly delays, installing any time of the year and in any weather
  • Build on foundations containing less than half the CO2e than concrete and help protect our environment
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Timber Subframe for a Garden Room

Sustainability Commitment
Foundations that protect our environment and natural habitats

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do and is a key benefit of our product. RADIX Ground Screws contain less embodied carbon (CO2e) than an equivalent concrete base, and by choosing ground screws for your garden room foundations, you can avoid contributing to the 10% carbon emissions (CO2) of global concrete production.

The low-impact installation method of ground screws avoids any heavy excavations, allowing them to be installed safely in Root Preservation Areas without damaging nearby trees and their root systems.

By making many small changes together and replacing concrete with ground screws, we can help protect our planet.

Ground Screw Foundations
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Looking for a trusted installation partner? Our residential install division, No More Digging, has supported all scales of home and garden projects with sustainable foundations since 2018. Rated 'Excellent' by customers on Trustpilot, you can be confident in No More Digging's abilities to get your project off the ground.

Our expert teams are positioned across the UK, ensuring a swift, reliable and cost-effective service. Find your closest No More Digging installation team and get your next garden room project off the ground!

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