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Securing ground mounted solar panels with efficient foundations and racking systems

At RADIX, we offer a complete solution to help your ground mounted solar project run smoothly and energise faster.

Our expert teams can survey, supply and install RADIX Ground Screw Piles and Racking Systems for ground mounted solar panels any time of the year, and in all weather conditions, so you can be confident you get the right foundation solution for even the most time-critical projects.

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ground mounted solar panels
UK ground mounted solar panels on ground screws
RADIX Ground Screw Piles

Supporting ground mounted solar panels with greater capacity

With a continuous helix providing greater friction and support underground than a traditional pile, each RADIX Ground Screw Pile is engineered to safely withstand vertical uplift forces exceeding 15kN in suitable ground conditions.

This makes them the ideal solar foundation solution for projects in even the most challenging and wind-exposed locations.

  • Increased wind and uplift resistance
  • Easy to remove at the end of the solar array's lifespan
  • Install all year round and in any weather, avoiding costly delays
  • Install in hard-to-access and off-grid areas, over sloping and uneven ground
  • Install without digging up or damaging natural habitats

RADIX Screw Piles

Solar array foundations and racking system

Ground Mounted Solar Racking
Start mounting solar panels immediately with a turnkey solution

Designed with efficiency in mind, our expert teams can supply and install one of our innovative and pre-assembled solar racking systems on our screw pile foundations so that you can start mounting solar modules immediately.

ground mounted solar panel racking system

The RADIX SolarTerrace is a pre-assembled aluminium ground mounted solar racking system. Using high-quality engineered components designed for convenience and quick installation, the RADIX SolarTerrace saves significant time and cost throughout large-scale projects.

RADIX SolarTerrace

ground mounted solar panel racking system

The RADIX SolarTripod is a single-panel racking system for utilising small and hard-to-access areas while maximising energy potential with portrait-orientated solar modules equipped with adjustable rails that can be positioned with tilt angles between 15 and 30 degrees.

RADIX SolarTripod

50 MW Battery Energy Storage System in Suffolk

RADIX Screw Piling
Building a battery energy storage system?

Our ability to rapidly design, manufacture and install bespoke structural frames on RADIX Screw Piles in a turnkey solution reduces programme lengths by up to 70%.

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