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Renewable Energy

Our efficient, low-carbon screw pile foundations secure all scales of solar arrays and battery energy storage systems, delivering greater support against horizontal and vertical uplift and significantly cutting programme delivery times.

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UK ground mounted solar panels on ground screws

RADIX Screw Piles & Racking Systems
Securing solar arrays on efficient, low-carbon foundations

An individual RADIX Screw Pile is engineered to safely withstand vertical uplift forces exceeding 15kN in suitable ground conditions, making them the ideal solar foundation solution in even the most challenging and wind-exposed locations.

Pair your installation with a RADIX SolarTerrace or SolarTripod racking system to streamline your projects even further, designed for efficient installation and mounting of solar panels.

  • Increased wind and uplift resistance
  • Easy to remove at the end of the solar array's lifespan
  • Install all year round and in any weather, avoiding costly delays
  • Install in hard-to-access and off-grid areas, over sloping and uneven ground
  • Install without digging up or damaging natural habitats

Solar Array Foundations

helical screw piling company for battery energy storage systems
bespoke steel frame for battery energy storage system

Battery Storage Foundations
Bespoke structural steel platforms for all scales of BESS

We can design, manufacture and install structural frames and platforms to meet your specific Battery Energy Storage System requirements, considering each unit's measurements and load-bearing capacities.

Our ability to rapidly design, manufacture and install bespoke structural platforms on RADIX Screw Piles offers a turnkey solution that significantly reduces programme lengths, allowing you to control your programme schedules and energise faster.

  • Reduce programme lengths by up to 70%
  • Energise faster and release project funding sooner
  • Reduce costs by avoiding heavy excavations, removal of spoils and large piling mats
  • Elevated platforms provide easy access to install BESS units, increase flood prevention and offer natural cooling
  • Get units on site sooner and secured immediately
  • Avoid costly delays due to bad weather

Battery Storage Foundations