Our work across the agriculture sector is truly breaking barriers, with our RADIX Base Stations increasing productivity across operations with the integration of LoRaWAN and IoT technologies.


Increasing productivity across Operations

We are the manufacturer that you can trust to deliver best in class products that connect and support your agricultural business.

In partnership with our supply chain, our team of multi-disciplined technicians and engineers work to fully understand your operations, to introduce the effective structures and technologies needed to help improve the efficiency and productivity across your estates and properties.


Base Stations
Ground Screw Foundations

Base Stations & LoRawaN Gateways

RADIX Base Stations and LoRaWAN Gateways make it possible to quickly and accurately monitor and track what is happening across entire estate and properties, in real-time.

The integration of IoT modules and sensors make it possible to monitor soil conditions, temperature, moisture, water levels, weather and more, as well as track all assets, livestock and personnel.

Each connected device communicates via one secure server, the command centre to a RADIX Base Station Network, so operations can be run from anywhere in the world, connecting remotely to your network on a laptop, tablet or phone.

Base Stations

Ground Screw Foundations

With a single RADIX Ground Screw capable of supporting point loads in excess of 75kN, and their ability to be installed rapidly in off-grid and rural areas, ground screw foundations are ideal for supporting agricultural projects of all scales.

Professional Ground Screws
Advance Ground Screws
Extendable Ground Screws
Ground Screw Fittings