UK screw piling contractors and engineers

UK Screw Piling Contractors
Driving down programme lengths installing screw pile foundations

When it comes to choosing a helical screw piling company, RADIX is the name you can trust. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our unmatched expertise and customer-centric approach, sets us apart as the UK's leading screw piling company.

Delivering a comprehensive foundation solution, our efficient, low-carbon screw piles are reducing programme lengths by up to 70%, cutting project costs significantly, and minimising environmental impact.

With head offices based in England, Essex and Scotland, Dundee, our screw piling engineers support projects across all corners of the UK.

Call our expert installation team on +44 (0)1245 676 070 to discuss taking your next project forward.

helical screw piling company for battery energy storage systems
UK screw pile foundations installer map

UK Screw Piling Installation
Supporting construction projects across the UK and beyond

At RADIX, our head offices are located in England and Scotland, with installation partners tactfully positioned across the UK, ready to support you with our turnkey foundation solution developed to save time on your projects.

  • Conducting site surveys and screw pile load-testing
  • Designing a comprehensive screw pile foundation solution
  • Supplying and installing helical screw pile foundations
  • Supplying and installing efficient solar racking and mounting systems
  • Manufacturing and installing bespoke structural platforms

If you have a project outside the UK that requires our expertise, we are happy to share our knowledge and provide consultation or partner with you to make it happen.

Get in touch to discuss how RADIX can take your next project forward.

foundations for battery storage units low-carbon foundations in remote and off-grid areas
Efficient, low-carbon foundations

Why turn to screw piles to support your next project?

RADIX Extendable Screw Piles are an efficient, low-carbon alternative to concrete, delivering considerable cost, time and environmental saving benefits.

  • Screw piling┬áreduces programme delivery times by up to 70%
  • Overcome hard-to-access areas and make off-grid projects possible
  • Avoid heavy excavations, removal of spoils or pouring any concrete
  • Avoid costly delays, installing all year round and in any weather
  • Bring up levels quickly over sloping, uneven and soft ground
  • Screw piling can be removed easily, suitable for temporary structures as well as long-term projects
  • Fast becoming the preferred foundations for renewable energy projects such as solar arrays and battery energy storage systems
ground and screw pile surveys and testing

Site Surveys & Screw Pile Testing
Gathering the empirical data for your projects

Our expert screw piling teams can complete site-specific surveys and ground tests, collecting the empirical data required to demonstrate the capabilities of our helical screw pile foundations to support your project, with testing up to 150kN per screw pile.

Site Surveys & Screw Pile Testing