Relay Wireless Broadband

Relay Base Stations can provide a strong and secure broadband connection to businesses and homes in even the most rural locations.

Connecting Rural Communities

As Relay Base Stations can provide a like-for-like signal strength from its originating source, you could receive superfast broadband to perform all varieties of online activities:

  • Browse the internet
  • Work remotely from home
  • Stream TV shows and films
  • Check email and social media
  • Video call family and friends
  • And much more

Fast and secure broadband, no matter where you live.

Download Base Station Brochure (4.8MB)

relay wireless broadband in Scotland

How Relay Broadband Works

Identical to satellite technology bouncing signals around our planet, Relay Base Stations work on the principle of bouncing a source signal to target locations using a series of long-range receivers and transceivers.

Once a broadband source is identified, plans are drawn to connect the locations via the most direct route. In rural locations, it is often impossible to create a linear path due to peaks and valleys or forestry areas. In such instances, signals are routed via Relay Base Stations, which can be installed in off-grid locations without damage to any land, and positioned in the ideal place for sending the signal to the target location.

The Relay Base Station can pick up and send a signal over 5Km in a single 'bounce'. This process can be repeated with minimal loss of signal strength, meaning that a cottage located at the end of a remote glen could receive a strong, secure connection.

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