Meet REX, our powerful Mazaka 600 screw pile installer

We have new member joining the ranks in the form of our powerful Mazaka 600 hydraulic installation crawler rig. We call him, REX!

REX installing ground screw piles

REX has already been rolling into action, driving in the ground screw piles for various site surveys and powering through the installation of several leisure and tourism projects across the country, also taking on remote and off-grid locations.

Delivering 6,500 Nm of torque, REX is capable of installing up to 200 ground screw piles a day, driving in our high-capacity ground screw piles to significant load-bearing depths for projects across leisure and tourism, residential, solar and renewable energy sectors.

Together with our installation division, No More Digging and REX can get projects of all scales off the ground without digging up or damaging the environment and, installing all year round and in any weather, avoiding costly delays.

You can see the team in action in our new demonstration video below.

Installing Screw Piles with the Mazaka 600

The ability to install our low-carbon foundations at higher capacities is a real game-changer for our clients and the business. Ground screw piles already save significant time on projects, being 70% faster to install than concrete footings, but with REX delivering more installation power, were are able to strengthen the support we bring to all scales of projects in key sectors.

— Callum Milne • Managing Director, RADIX

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