Powering the winds of change with Leading Edge

Working in collaboration with Leading Edge, we have designed, engineered and manufactured bespoke off-grid communication masts for Smart Rural in the agricultural sector, launching our latest innovation, RADIX Base Stations.

RADIX Base Stations power comes from the specially developed vertically-mounted, three-panel solar PV system from Leading Edge. These solar panels, alongside a range of Leading Edge's 360º wind turbines, create a hybrid solution that delivers battery charging throughout the year.

Deployed on our Ground Screw Foundation System, RADIX Base Stations can be installed in rural, off-grid areas to provide a secure Long Range Wide Area Networks (LoRaWAN) covering a range of 10-20km. Set up with a range of Internet of Things (IoT) modules and sensors, each RADIX Base Station can perform an infinite number of applications and tasks, from monitoring soil conditions to tracking livestock and vehicles, and more.

Lead­ing Edge has proven to be an engag­ing, proac­tive and respon­sive com­pa­ny, meet­ing the chal­lenges of col­lab­o­ra­tion with ener­gy, ideas and a solu­tion-focused approach to great suc­cess with RADIX.

— Cal­lum Milne – Man­ag­ing Direc­tor, RADIX

We are proud to have this latest collaboration and innovation with Leading Edge recognised in Sustain Europe Autumn/Winter 2020-21.