New RDX 5.5 Ground Screw Installation Machine

Expanding on our range of industry-leading equipment for installing ground screw piles, we are excited to introduce the RDX 5.5!

RDX 5.5 ground screw installation machine

Combining the powerful Eibenstock EHB 32 with a precision gearbox, the RDX 5.5 delivers a maximum of 5,500 Nm of torque, designed for the professional installer where greater capacities of ground screw piles are required to support their projects.

At 21.9 kg, 32.3 kg with its telescopic arm attached, the RDX 5.5 is one of our lighter installation machines, balancing portability and power to make it an ideal piece of kit for installing projects in remote and hard-to-access areas.

The RDX 5.5 is capable of driving in our professional ground screws and extendable screw piles to create strong and level foundations for projects of all scales, whether installing a garden building, holiday lodge or solar array, rapidly overcoming areas of sloping and uneven ground.

You can learn more about our new machine in our RDX 5.5 Technical Data Sheet, or take a look through our Ground Screw Starter Kit below that equips you with everything you need to get started installing ground screw piles.

RDX 5.5 Ground Screw Starter Kit

RDX 5.5 ground screw installation machine and torque arm

RDX 5.5 screw pile installation machine, drive adapter and torque arm

RDX 5.5 ground screw installation machine with spirit level

An onboard spirit level helps guide installation of screw piles