Increasing stock capacities of UK ground screws at our Dundee-based offices

We are excited to have the keys to our new warehouse at RADIX.

uk ground screws and screw pile foundations

Adding an additional 8,500 sq ft of storage space to our Dundee-based facilities, the expansion is to support our ever-growing business needs and to meet the increasing demand for the supply of our low-carbon ground screw and screw pile foundations and solar racking systems across the UK and beyond.

Holding stock of 20,000+ screws ready for rapid dispatch, and with an expert fulfilment team at the ready, we can support you with the supply of our efficient, sustainable ground screws and screw piles for all sizes of projects.

In addition to our new warehouse, we are starting work on our new showroom, which, when complete, will present our entire portfolio of sustainable foundation solutions.


Ground Screws & Screw Piles

At RADIX, you’ll find stock of our comprehensive range of RADIX Professional Ground Screws and RADIX Extendable Screw Piles, manufactured to the highest standards and capable of delivering an efficient, low-carbon and low-impact foundation solution to support projects of all scales.

uk ground screw supplier

With a single ground screw offering a safe load-bearing capacity in excess of 75kN in suitable ground conditions and withstanding significant vertical uplift and horizontal forces, ground screws are ideal for applications across all sectors.

  • Ground-mounted solar arrays
  • Battery energy storage systems (BESS)
  • Home extensions and modular building
  • Log cabins and holiday park developments
  • Event installations and temporary structures
  • Bridges and transportation structures

Explore our many case studies to see the ambitious projects supported by our sustainable foundations. 


Solar Racking Systems

With the surging demand for renewable energy and the growing investment in solar, we are pleased to support the growing industry by increasing the stock capacities of our two solar racking systems, the RADIX SolarTripod and RADIX SolarTerrace.

UK SolarTerrace racking system

Each robust aluminium racking system is designed with efficiency and security in mind, with clips and fittings allowing for rapid installation and mounting of solar modules, cutting time and costs on all scales of projects.

uk solar racking SolarTripod

Mounting our solar racking systems on RADIX Ground Screws delivers the greatest support against wind and uplift forces than traditional piles, with the continuous helical increasing friction underground, to offer a complete solar foundation and racking solution.




As well as our sustainable foundations and solar racking systems, we can equip you with one of our industry-leading installation machines in a complete Ground Screw Starter Kit, providing you with everything you need to start installing sustainable foundations in your business.

Our testing kits can further support you with collecting the empirical data on ground conditions and allowing the accurate specification of ground screws and screw piles for your projects.



Get in touch with our expert teams today for any product information or installation enquiries, and we’ll be happy to help.

As the UK’s largest supplier and installer of ground screws and screw pile foundations, RADIX is ready to support you.