Doubling down on our sustainability promise for September

We have seen the demand for a sustainable foundation solution continue to increase throughout 2023, with customers making the switch to RADIX Ground Screws over concrete.

Last month alone we dispatched over 4,500 screws from our UK-based warehouse to support projects in various sectors, including solar arrays, log cabins, art installations, tourist attractions, home extensions, and more.

As a thank you to all our valued customers, and as part of our ongoing commitment to support a net-zero future, we have planted 45 trees with Trees for Life.

This brings the total number of trees we’ve planted to 408 in the last 12 months. Once mature, our trees will help protect our environment by absorbing over 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year. *

Doubling down on our sustainability promise treesforlife

We’re not stopping there though! Just as we continue to grow, we are scaling up our sustainability promise and will double the number of trees we plant this month.

Our target is to plant 100 trees in September. 

We’ll let you know how we get on!



Which would you choose?

Doubling down on our sustainability promise concrete sq


Based on a .216m3 block of concrete:

  • Contains 77.33kg of embodied carbon (CO2e)
  • Requires extensive excavations which damage land and natural habitats
  • Removal of spoils increases truck movements and carbon footprint
  • Compounds in cement compromise soil quality
  • Removal is labour-intensive, time-consuming, and costly


Doubling down on our sustainability promise ground screws sq

RADIX Ground Screw

Based on 1x RADIX PRO 76mm x 1550mm ground screw:

  • Contains 24.05kg of embodied carbon (CO2e)
  • Installed without digging and impacting land, natural habitats or soil quality
  • Removed rapidly without damage or trace


Ready to make the switch to sustainable foundations?

There are significant time, cost, and environmental savings to be gained from switching to ground screw foundations.

If you want to start installing efficient, low-carbon ground screws in your business, and avoid the environmental impact of concrete, there’s never been a better time.

With our UK-based warehouses maintaining high levels of stock ready for rapid dispatch, and an expert team on hand to support you, RADIX is the partner you can trust. We can equip you with our industry-leading ground screws and an installation machine tailored to your business needs.

Give our friendly team a call, and we’ll be happy to support you.

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For more information about our commitment to sustainability, visit, or visit our growing grove at Trees for Life,


* Based on a reserved figure that a mature tree will absorb around 9.97kg of carbon per year. Some sources say as much as 22kg!