A Partnership Bringing New Levels of Efficiency to Solar Projects

We are excited to be working with Genesis to power up our solar offering with two innovative ground-mount racking systems to deliver a truly turnkey solution for all scales of solar projects.

Article Genesis Partnership 100k W Solar Array

Efficient and scalable solar racking systems

Our new RADIX SolarTerrace and RADIX SolarTripod partner perfectly with our screw piles to deliver an efficient and effective solar foundation and racking solution.

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RADIX SolarTerrace

The SolarTerrace is a pre-assembled anodized aluminium ground mount system capable of supporting all scales of domestic and commercial solar arrays. Using high-quality engineered components, the SolarTerrace is designed for convenience and quick installation, significantly saving time and cost throughout large-scale projects.

RADIX SolarTerrace

Article Genesis Partnership Solar Tripod v2a

RADIX SolarTripod

The SolarTripod is a single-panel racking system that allows you to utilise small and hard-to-access areas while maximising the potential use of space with landscape or portrait-orientated PV solar modules. With an integrated adjustable support and rail system, your solar array can be positioned precisely with tilt angles between 15 and 30 degrees.

RADIX SolarTripod

Why choose screw piles for your solar foundations?

With a continuous helix that creates greater friction underground than a traditional pile, screw piles can support more significant loads and uplift forces, making them ideal for ground-mounted solar projects, especially in wind-exposed areas.

Article Genesis Partnership Screw Piles vs Traditional Piles for Solar Foundations

Screw piles offer a low-impact and efficient installation method, deploying electric or hydraulic installation machines to drive them into the ground to create strong foundations without damaging or disrupting natural habitats. 

Our install division and equipment can go where traditional foundation solutions cannot, making installing solar projects in remote and off-grid areas possible.

Article Genesis Partnership Remote Access

Finally, screw piles can also be removed and relocated as efficiently as they are installed without any damage, allowing land to be returned to its original state if repurposing the site.

We are delighted to partner with a company that has aligned values in delivering high-quality products and service. The new solar racking systems are of exceptional quality and our install division are reporting how easy they are to work with. We look forward to working together to meet the increasing demand for solar projects throughout the UK.

— Callum Milne • Managing Director, RADIX

If you have questions about our partnership or want to start securing your solar arrays on efficient and effective screw pile foundations and racking systems, please get in touch with our expert teams on 01382 819 458. We're ready to support you.