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Helical Screw Piling Contractors, Essex

At RADIX, we are dedicated to delivering positive change through our efficient, low-carbon foundation solutions, supporting customers across England and Essex with the supply and installation of our helical screw piling system.

Our capabilities to design, manufacture and install bespoke fittings and structural platforms to specification provides a complete foundation solution that cuts programme lengths, reduces project costs, and minimises the impact on our environment.

Call our expert installation team at +44 (0)1245 676 070 to see how RADIX can take your project forward.

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A Reliable Partner

High-capacity helical screw piling with years of experience

At RADIX, we are working with architects, developers, universities, and investors across Essex to realise the potential of screw pile foundations and their benefits for supporting projects efficiently across multiple sectors with minimal environmental impact.

Our experienced screw piling engineers have the expertise to support you fully.

  • Conducting site surveys and screw pile load-testing
  • Designing a comprehensive screw pile foundation solution
  • Supplying and installing helical screw pile foundations
  • Supplying and installing efficient solar racking and mounting systems
  • Manufacturing and installing bespoke structural platforms

We maintain stock exceeding 20,000 helical screw pile foundations in our UK-based warehouses, ready for rapid dispatch to support our customers and their projects across Essex.

Take advantage of the time, cost and environmental savings of helical screw piles, and get in touch to discuss how RADIX can take your next project forward.

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Supporting Key Sectors

Diversifying land and expanding opportunities with minimal impact

Helical screw piles offer a low-impact approach to land diversification, overcoming many of the access issues and damaging effects that arise from laying traditional concrete foundations.

Our powerful hand-held installation machines and hydraulic rigs are agile and capable of accessing remote locations to drive in helical screw piles to the load-bearing depths to support projects in hard-to-access areas and challenging ground.

Additionally, helical screw piles can be removed at the end of a project without digging up or damaging the surrounding environment or natural habitats, returning land to its previous state or repurposing it for a future project.

Not to forget, steel can also be recycled without losing any of its core durability or structural integrity, supporting a circular economy.

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Helical Screw Piles vs Concrete Foundations

Benefits of choosing screw piling for your project

As well as delivering the low-carbon alternative to concrete foundations, RADIX Extendable Screw Piles are delivering considerable cost and time-saving benefits for our customers across England.

  • Screw piling reduces programme lengths by up to 70%
  • Screw piling avoids expensive excavations and removal of spoils
  • Screw piling reduces overall truck movements by up to 66%
  • Screw piling does not require extensive piling mats
  • Screw piling avoids costly delays due to bad weather
  • Remove helical screw piles on the completion of projects as easily as they are installed, with minimal cost to you or the environment