diy ground screws for garden projects

Self-install Ground Screws
The low-carbon foundation solution for professionals

At RADIX, we have partnered with BAYO•S to introduce the most versatile self-install ground screw system in the UK, ideal for garden projects such as installing fencing, decking, sheds, and more.

BAYO•S DIY Ground Screws can be installed quickly and easily to provide a strong and level base for garden projects from decking and fencing to sheds and more. Explore the DIY range at our online store

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Garden Project Foundations
Getting your garden projects off the ground

With its innovative bayonet system, BAYO.S DIY Ground Screws, Extensions and Fittings go together as easily as 1-2-3.

Like all our sustainable ground screws, the low-impact installation process means you can get your projects off the ground without digging up or damaging your garden or our environment.

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Self-installing Ground Screws
Getting the right tool for the job

Along with the flexibility of having ground screws, extensions and fittings to make up your strong and level base, two tools are available for installing your foundations. A manual turning bar is available for purchase or rental, or, for the more professional installer, the 1:20 Gearbox Kit.

Watch our videos to get an idea of which tool would best suit your projects. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team, who'll be happy to support you.

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