RDX 7.0 ground screw installation machine

Ground Screw Starter Kits
RDX 7.0 & RDX PRO Ground Screws

Aimed toward professionals, the RDX 7.0 is our most powerful handheld installation machine, suited to installing ground screws at greater capacities and when more significant load-bearing depths are required.

The RDX 7.0 starter kit equips you with everything you’ll need to start installing ground screws for your projects, including a range of RADIX PRO Ground Screws and all the appropriate adapters, brackets and fittings to suit your business needs.

This ground screw starter kit includes:

  • RDX 7.0
  • RDX Telescopic Arm
  • RDX Drive Adapter
  • The Pilot – Sliding Hammer Spike
  • An assortment of RDX PRO Ground Screws
  • An assortment of Brackets and Fittings

screw pile installation machine spirit level


Onboard spirit level to help guide your installations.

ground screw installation machine dual speed gearbox

Balance Power & Control

The RDX 7.0 offers up to 7,000Nm of torque through its dual-speed integrated gearbox to provide control during installations.