BAYO•S 1:20 Gearbox Kit

Ground Screw Starter Kits
1:20 Gearbox Kit & RDX PRO Ground Screws

This complete package comes with everything you need to start installing ground screws for your projects, suited for tradesmen installing ground screws for smaller garden projects such as summer houses and decking.

The BAYO.S 1:20 Gearbox + Eibenstock EHB 20 equips you with a portable, electric-powered installation tool offering up to 1,800 Nm of torque, with a range of our RDX PRO Ground Screws to suit your business needs, with all the appropriate adapters, brackets and fittings.

This ground screw starter kit includes:

  • BAYO.S 1:20 Gearbox + Eibenstock EHB 20*
  • BAYO.S 1:20 Secure Storage Box
  • BAYO.S 1:20 Extendable Torque Arm
  • RDX Drive Adapter
  • RDX 1.5" to 1.0" Drive Reducer
  • The Pilot – Sliding Hammer Spike
  • An assortment of 110 no. RDX PRO Ground Screws
  • An assortment of 110 no. Brackets and Fittings

* The 1:20 Gearbox Starter Kit is also available with an upgrade to the Eibenstock EHB 32

BAYO•S 1 to 20 gearbox kit spirit level


Onboard spirit-level to help guide your installations.

BAYO•S 1 to 20 gearbox kit speed switch


Quickly control the direction and speed at the touch of a switch.

BAYO•S 1 to 20 gearbox kit drive adapters


Equipped with a drive reducer and drive adapter ready for RDX PRO ground screws.

BAYO•S 1 to 20 gearbox kit storage box


A secure carry case is included for safely storing and transporting your new ground screw install machine.