60kn tripod tensile test kit

Screw Pile Testing Equipment
60kN Tripod Tensile Test Kit

Evaluate site ground conditions with the 60kN Tripod Tensile Test Kit, measuring the potential uplift forces and load-bearing capabilities of ground screws.

The 60kN Tripod Tensile Test Kit includes:

  • Adjustable Tripod Frame
  • Compact Digital Crane Scale
  • Ratchet Lever Hoist
  • Shackles and 16mm Lifting Eye Bolt
  • Digital Plunge Indicator
  • Adjustable Freestanding Crossbar
  • Magnetic Stand with Adjustable Arm
  • 300x300x30mm Hi-Vis Polyethelene Spreader Pads (x3)

Training arranged on request at RADIX HQ.

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