150kn compression test kit

Screw Pile Testing Equipment
150kN Compression Test Kit

The RADIX 150kN Compression Test Kit determines site-specific compression resistance of screw pile values and load-bearing capacity according to BS EN 1997-1:2004 (EC 7.7).

The 150kN Compression Test Kit includes:

  • Cross Beam 1800mm x 440mm (57kg)
  • Test Beam 2200mm x 500mm (103kg)
  • Clamp Plates & Fixings
  • 25T Hydraulic Cylinder and Manual Pump Set
  • Digital Plunge Indicator
  • Adjustable Freestanding Crossbar Magnetic Stand
  • with Adjustable Arm
  • Total Weight 160kg (+/- 5%)

Also available with Bluetooth plunge indicator and pressure sensor with wireless transmission. Please contact us for further details.

Training arranged on request at RADIX HQ.

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