Installation & Testing Equipment
Powerful, industry-leading machines for testing and installing screw pile foundations

At RADIX, we can supply you with a comprehensive range of industry-leading equipment for the installation and site testing of screw piles.

Get the right tools for the job from a supplier you can trust, with electric turning machines, self-propelled hydraulic crawler rigs, and testing equipment, or take advantage of our complete Ground Screw Starter Kits.

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Hydraulic Installation Machines
Powerful, high-capacity installation machines

We can equip you with a range of hydraulic crawler rigs and drive masts for installing ground screws and extendable screw piles to greater capacities.

Capable of delivering up to 6,500 Nm of torque and installing over 150 screws per day, our hydraulic drive masts can be attached to bobcats and diggers for a robust and affordable solution, or we can equip you with a complete hydraulic crawler rig, like our Mazaka 600 – REX.

If you need more power for your installations, please contact our team on +44 (0)1382 819 458, and we’ll be happy to support you.