BBQ Grill Log Cabin Aberdeenshire Landing 1a

Log Cabin BBQ Grill, Aberdeenshire

Supply and installation of ground screw foundations and timber subframe for a BBQ Grill, accommodating a 13º sloping area of ground at the rear of the customer's property.



Log Cabin BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill Log Cabin Aberdeenshire Solution 1a

Setting strong foundations over significantly sloping ground

The biggest challenge of this project was achieving a sturdy, level base that would support the garden building over a significant 13º slope.

Excavation and the laying of traditional foundations simply wasn’t an option due to the damage it would cause and with the client’s site both enclosed and located at an elevated area to the rear of the garden.

BBQ Grill Log Cabin Aberdeenshire Overview 1a

Overcoming the 13º sloping ground without digging or damage

Three varying lengths of RADIX PRO Ground Screws (1250mm, 1550mm and 2050mm) were selected and positioned to offer maximum load-bearing capacities, providing the level base and stability required for the build, with a total installation of eight screws and a timber subframe.

Although the site was a distance from the main road and along the side of the house and up some steps, access was not a problem for our install division, who easily transported the ground screws, materials and portable installation equipment needed to complete the installation.