50 mega watt battery storage development

50MW/102MWH Development, Sheffield

Supply and installation of screw pile foundations and bespoke steel subframes for a 50MW/102MWH development in Sheffield, UK.


Sheffield, UK


Supply and installation of screw piles
• Bespoke base design and manufacturing

• 568 no. RADIX Extendable 76mm Screw Piles
• Bespoke structural steel platforms

helical screw piling for battery storage units

Robust foundations with minimal truck movements and concrete

RADIX was approached to install the robust screw pile foundation solution for 8 PCS Units, 8 MV Skids, and 28 pairs of battery containers.

Screw piles have been used across many of this client’s sites previously and were once again chosen to ensure important project milestones were met, keeping truck movements to a minimum and reducing the use of concrete across the site.

Once complete, the site will contribute to Econergy’s UK storage pipeline, which amounts to almost 2.5 GWh.

close up of helical screw piles

Efficient screw piling foundations delivered to schedule

RADIX was asked to complete the installation of screw pile foundations, along with the design, manufacture and installation of galvanized steel c-sections to hold each of the 28 pairs of 4m x 8m battery storage units on site. 

A total of 448 RADIX Extendable Screw Piles were used, with 16 helical screw piles installed to hold each unit.

The next phase consisted of the design, manufacturing and installation of the screw pile foundations for 8 PCS units, which required 7 screws each, a total of 56 screws, and 8 MV Skids, which required 8 screws each, a further 64 screws.

As a vital investment into the region’s long-term energy future, using screw piles has helped ensure that the project was delivered on schedule and within budget, with little disruption to the other construction works happening on site.

The project was completed in only 3 weeks, and the screw piles were ready for the units to be secured immediately after, drastically reducing this customer’s programme length.