50k W Ground Mounted Solar Array in Brechin

50kW Solar Array, Brechin

Supply and install of ground screw foundations for a 50kW ground mount Solar PV system, on agricultural land in rural Angus, including installation of Van Der Valk Double Row Solar PV racking system.

Forster Group

Brechin, Scotland

50kW Ground-Mounted Solar System

• Site Survey & Load Testing
• Ground Screw Installation

• 66 no. RADIX PRO RF200 76x1550mm Ground Screws
• Solar Racking System

50k W Ground Mounted Solar Array in Brechin 1a 50k W Ground Mounted Solar Array in Brechin

Overcoming high wind speeds with a sustainable solution

Situated in an exposed area with high wind speeds it was imperative to provide a solid foundation that would cope with the significant uplift forces to the solar array and provide maximum stability.

Speed of installation and minimum environmental impact on the existing land was of importance to the client.


Securing an investment

A pre-installation survey included site-specific testing to measure the tensile force of ground screws, ensuring the correct specification to meet with performance requirements.

66 ground screws were installed in two parallel lines, completely level and ready for the ValkField framework.

With no need for multiple trades, work could be streamlined and completed within four working days, ready for the Solar PV panels to be installed without delay.

The team at No More Digging were great to work with. They understood the brief from the outset and provided a complete package without the need for employing multiple trades. They even attended site prior to the project being awarded and provided a live demonstration, explaining the process and the benefits much to our client’s delight.

— Forster Energy