132v substation on helical screw piles

132v Substation, Salisbury

Supply and installation of screw pile foundations through an existing concrete pad for a 132v Substation in Salisbury, UK.


Salisbury, UK

132v Substation

before helical screw piling begins

Facing chalky ground conditions

RADIX was approached to assist in the renovation and improvement works being undertaken at Chalk Pit, a 132v substation in Salisbury.

The area had been excavated, but due to the chalk ground conditions, a screw piling solution would be required to provide additional support for the units.

The team completed a site survey and testing, verifying the suitability of ground conditions and ensuring the correct specification of RADIX Extendable Screw Piles were installed to provide the support necessary.

As the ground was light/hard chalk, a point load test was completed to confirm load capacity at 90kN. This was sufficient as between 30kN and 70kN was required per screw.

helical screw piles installed for the 132v substation

Substations on screw piles

As indicated by the site survey and ground testing, the team supplied and installed RADIX Screw Piles in six locations, including:

  • 9 screw piles for three post-insulator areas
  • 4 screw piles for one circuit breaker
  • 20 screw piles for two disconnector areas
  • 10 screw piles for one voltage transformer
  • 10 screw piles for a cable sealing end
  • 7 screw piles for the CT area

A total of 60 RADIX EXT Screw Piles were installed across the site and to depths over 3 meters.

The complete foundation solution for the 132v Substation was completed by the team in only 3 days.