100 MW BESS Screw Pile Foundations

100MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

RADIX Extendable Screw Piles are providing the efficient and robust foundations for this BESS project by Red Leaf Group, helping cut the programme delivery time by 60%.

Red Leaf Group for Maldon

Cuxton, UK

100MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

• Supply and technical support

• 98 no. RADIX Extendable 76mm Screw Piles
• Bespoke Helical Extensions and Flanges

100 MW BESS Screw Pile Foundations 1

A short programme to support tonnes of PCS units

Partners, Red Leaf Group, were asked by Maldon to provide a specialist foundation solution for a 100MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project supporting 11 PCS units.

PCS units have traditionally been installed on individual concrete pads that are piled to make them stable before pouring the concrete. A timely and expensive process.

A short programme of work was required to meet the project’s schedule and delivery, installation, and connection for each of the three 6m and eight 12m PCS units.

100 MW BESS Screw Pile Foundations 2 Concrete vs Screw Pile Foundations 60 Percent Faster

Efficient, robust foundations cutting programme times by 60%

Working with the project’s engineers, Red Leaf Group completed a site survey, load tests and structural calculations using RADIX’s technical data to ensure the correct specification of screw pile foundations.

A total of 98 no. RADIX Extendable 76mm Screw Piles with bespoke helical fittings were installed to a depth of 3.5m to securely anchor the bespoke galvanised structural steel platforms designed, manufactured and installed by Red Leaf Group, with each 12m platform holding up to 10 tonnes of equipment.

Screw pile extensions sit 500mm above the ground to allow an elevated point of access for rapid installation and connection of each PCS unit and cabling, as well as provide a natural cooling solution and help protect against any potential flooding risk.

With the ability to be installed throughout the UK’s changeable weather conditions without compromising foundations’ integrity or waiting on concrete curing, RADIX Screw Piles can be built on immediately, significantly reducing programme times.

Delivered in Red Leaf Group’s turnkey solution, with both screw piles and bespoke platforms installed and ready to be built on without delay, the project was completed in seven days – cutting the programme length by 60% compared to concrete.

RADIX Screw Piles have allowed us to cut clients’ programme lengths by 60% in most cases and more in others, also avoiding costly delays due to temperamental weather conditions. It is clear that the industry recognises the significant impact using screw piles can have on their project delivery times and consequently how quickly they can start to see a return on their investment. We’re excited to be growing so quickly in the UK, and be expanding into new markets overseas.

— Christian Alexander • Operations Director, Red Leaf Group