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Base Stations
LoRaWAN Smart Farming

LoRaWAN Base Stations create a private and secure long-range, low-power network across your entire estate and properties that can be set up to manage infinite tasks using smart sensor technology.

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Streamline Operations

Working with SmartRural, we will design your network to meet the demand of your operations. Monitor soil conditions, water levels, moisture content, temperature, and more; track all assets, livestock, and personnel; manage everything effectively and remotely; streamline your business with automated data processing.

Powered by solar and wind and installed on our sustainable ground screw foundation system, Base Stations can be located even in the most hard-to-access areas, ensuring you have 100% coverage across your entire network.

Base Stations can be installed rapidly in off-grid areas without damaging the environment or disrupting your operations.

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RADIX Base Stations LoRaWAN 1a

Monitoring made easy

Base Stations take away the guesswork, presenting you with live, empirical data from across your entire network.

Connect any number of smart devices and receive automated alerts or scheduled reports to support you in monitoring your operations more effectively.

Set up your Base Station Network to monitor:

  • Agronomy/soil
  • Audio
  • Battery charge
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Moisture
  • Motion
  • Pest control traps
  • Power usage
  • Temperature
  • Water flow/levels
  • Water quality
  • Weather

As well as our standard monitoring devices, we can work with our partners at SmartRural to design and develop devices for specialist applications and tasks.

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Track assets in realtime

Base Stations make it quick and easy to find out exactly where your assets and resources are at all times.

Track livestock, personnel, vehicles and more, locating their position on request or programming your network to alert you to any asset crossing a geofence.

Set up your Base Stations Network to track:

  • Animals and livestock
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Personnel
  • Vehicles

Bespoke tracking devices can be developed for specific applications and tasks.

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Manage operations remotely

Quickly and accurately monitor what is happening across your business in real-time, anywhere in the world.

The smart devices you can connect across your Base Station Network are limitless, each opening up a world of opportunity for monitoring, tracking and managing your assets and operations. Our team of specialist engineers and technicians will work collaboratively with you to identify your specific business and operational needs.

Each connected device communicates via one secure server – the command centre to your Base Station Network. Start running your operations from anywhere in the world, connecting remotely to your network on a laptop, tablet or phone.

Run your operations securely from anywhere in the world.