RADIX extends its range of sustainable ground screw foundations


At RADIX, we have launched a new range of extendable ground screws – the RDX EXT V3 76mm.

Our adaptable ground screw system lets you install foundations to the required depths to achieve maximum load-bearing capacity while causing minimal damage to the environment.

With its ground screw tips available in 1250mm, 1550mm and 2050mm lengths and extensions between 500mm and 2000mm, the RDX EXT V3 76mm ground screws are perfect for overcoming areas of soft ground and bringing up levels on projects over sloping land.

The RDX EXT V3 76MM Flange is extremely flexible, incorporating an M16 captive nut and offering an abundance of surrounding attachment points, securely anchoring projects of infinite application.

extendable ground screw flanges

RDX EXT V3 76mm ground screws, extensions and flanges all go through a hot-dip galvanising process according to DIN EN ISO 1461, providing long-lasting protection and increased life expectancy.

galvanised extendable ground screws

We’re delight­ed to be intro­duc­ing this new 76mm extend­able ground screw into RADIX’ full range of sus­tain­able foun­da­tions, allow­ing us to con­tin­ue to sat­is­fy our cus­tomers grow­ing project require­ments. Com­pli­ment­ing our range of 76mm fixed-flange ground screws, the RDX EXT V3 76mm offers a cost-effec­tive foun­da­tion solu­tion to over­come areas of soft and slop­ing ground.

At RADIX, we are already observ­ing the prac­ti­cal appli­ca­tion of extend­able ground screws across res­i­den­tial and hos­pi­tal­i­ty and leisure sec­tors, sup­port­ing build­ings from gar­den offices to hol­i­day lodges, how­ev­er, the appli­ca­tion of ground screw foun­da­tions is tru­ly limitless.”

— Cal­lum Milne, Man­ag­ing Director

You can find data sheets on all our fixed and extendable ground screw foundations in our Resource Base. Engineers certificates and documentation is available on request.